India Famous Popular Glorious Religions

It is not possible to learn about India without understanding its religious beliefs and practices. India’s religious beliefs have a huge impact on one’s life and most Indians are influenced by it. Indian Religions have been practised from long time back and have its roots dug deep in historical eras that are reminisced by people today. The ancient culture of South Asia, going back at least 5000 years, has come down to India primarily in the form of religious texts.

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India Famous for its Diversity in religions

In India, Religions are defined by a diversity of its beliefs and practices. India is a secular country as stated by the 42nd amendment of the Constitution in 1976, which meant that all the religions in our Nation will be treated equally by the Indians.

India is the birthplace of the world's four most followed religions; which are Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism. All over India's history, religion has always been an important part of the nation’s tradition and culture.

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In India, when people say that they are Hindu or Muslim, they don’t mean by it that they follow that religion and don't believe in other religions, but they are telling about where they come from or belong to.

Social bonding is unbreakable in India. People here don’t care about which religion they belong to when it comes to celebrating festivals, helping others or saving someone’s life during a disaster.

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