About Abc2India

As parents of Indian origin now settled in the USA, we always wondered if our children, who are born and being raised in the US, would loose touch with their Indian roots and heritage. How would they develop some level of understanding, appreciation, pride, and perhaps relish the Indian culture and traditions?

Like many parents, we started to focus on interacting with them in our native language and impart as much knowledge and information as we had about Indian culture and traditions, however this has not worked very well. They have picked up few words and can understand more words than they can speak but have little knowledge about India as a whole, its history, heritage, culture, traditions, food, religions, music, sports, and depth/breadth of what India is all about. How do we educate them and make it fun, entertaining, and interactive? We are sure these thoughts and questions have crossed the minds of millions of NRI parents living abroad.

Our Methodology

We did not want to wait for the solution, hence started the journey of creating an online interactive platform, ABC2India.com, where children (and to that matter adults) can learn about India in a fun and entertaining way.

We have developed a video based learning curriculum that not only focuses on the Indian culture and traditions but also helps them learn about Indian way of life with full daily To-Do-Tasks, Quizzes, fun-learning-games, and many more, and hope to inculcate habits that will lead them to be a better human being.