The Dancing culture of India includes classical Dance & folk Dancing Dance in India began as an integral part of socio-religious life.

India has thousands of year old tradition of fine arts, classical and folk dances which were originally performed in the temples to entertain various Gods and Goddesses.

Meet some famous Dancers & Dancing Styles

We have dancing legends from both classical folk & other dancing

The mood of Dance resonates in hearts. The Indian legacy of customs, expressive arts, people music and moves is inconceivable. The performing specialties of Dance empowers the artist to convey what needs be or himself through the elements of music. Indian Classical Dances are a significant medium of articulation for adequately conveying the endless legendary stories from age to age. Indian Classical Dancers are known everywhere throughout the world for their mind boggling exhibitions and have made a benchmark in Classical Dance. Here are a portion of the popular established artists from India.

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List of Indian Dancers

In spite of the fact that our Indian Dance culture is brimming with gifted artists. Subsequently to tie them in a rundown isn't conceivable. Here is a rundown of most mainstream artists in India in a timeframe.

Pandit Birju Maharaj

Kathak dancer, Padma Vibhushan, Sangeet Natak Academy Award winner

Sonal Mansingh

Renowned for her Odissi dancing style,an eminent Indian Classical dancer

Mallika Sarabhai

A multifaceted personality, a renowned Kuchipudi and Bharatnatyam dancer

Rukmini Devi Arundale

Famous Bharatnatyam exponent, A proud recipient of 1956 Padma Bhushan

Shovana Narayan

A Kathak Maestro, an incarnation of the artistic tradition of India

Uday Shankar

Recipient of Padma Vibhushan, adapted Western into hindu dance culture

Yamini ‘Poornatilaka’ Krishnamurthy

Kuchipudi and Bharatnatyam dancer. A Padma Bhushan award recipient


A famous Bharatnatyam artist, who showcased her talent across the globe

Pandit Birju Maharaj

Eminent recipient of Padma Vibhushan, Sangeet Natak Akademi Award and the Kalidas Samman, Pandit Birju Maharaj took the Indian Classical Dance shape, Kathak higher than ever. His Kathak move shows have set a benchmark. Pandit Birju Maharaj is a famous Kathak artist who has jogged the globe and given a large number of move exhibitions alongside workshops for Kathak understudies. Pandit Birju Maharaj is the author of Kalashram. At seven years old, Pandit Birju Maharaj gave his first presentation. An immediate relative of Ishwar Prasadji (the main known Kathak educator), Pandit Birju Maharaj has an astounding order over Hindustani established music. He is a refined vocalist. He has won the Filmfare Award (2016) for Best Choreography for Sanjay Leela Bhansali's Bajirao Mastani. Additionally, he has gotten privileged Doctorate degrees from Banaras Hindu University (BHU) and Khairagarh University.

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Types of Indian Classical Dance


Barathanatyam is a classical dance from the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu


Kathakali is a highly stylized story-based classical dance-drama from Kerala


Kathak is traveling bards of ancient northern India, known as Kathakars or storytellers


Kuchipudi classical dance originated in a village in Andhra Pradesh


Odissi originated in the Hindu temples of Odisha was performed predominantly by women


Manipuri, also known as Jagoi is named after the region of its origin – Manipur

Folk Dances popular in India.

You can learn More about popular Dancing Culture in India.

Bhangra Dance

Bhangra is traditional Folk dance of Punjab performed by Sikh

Ghoomar Dance

Ghoomar is a traditional folk dance of Bhil tribe in Rajasthan

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Indian Folk Dances Most popular & traditional dances performed in India

Society moves and plays in India hold centrality in rustic territories as the outflow of the day by day work and customs of town groups. Sanskrit writing of medieval circumstances portrays a few types of folk dances, for example, Hallisaka, Rasaka, Dand Rasaka and Charchari.

The Natya Shastra incorporates gather moves of ladies as a preparatory dance performed in prelude to a show. India has various folk Dances. Bhangra, Bihu, Chau an dmany more.