The Vedas are a collection of Hymns and other ancient Religious Texts
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These are written in India between about 1500 and 1000 BCE. It includes elements such as liturgical material as well as mythological accounts, poems, prayers, and formulas considered to be sacred by the Vedic religion


"Knowledge of the Hymns of Praise”, for recitation


“Knowledge of the Melodies”, for chanting


“Knowledge of the Sacrificial formulas”, for liturgy


“Knowledge of the Magic formulas”, named after a kind of group of priests


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What you will get in abc2india Vedanta classes?

In abc2india, the rich cultural heritage of India, including core values, are taught to children at different levels, using the medium of stories, drama, arts, crafts and activities in video formats. Children are also taught popular Bhajans and Shlokas.

Our online classes are organized into various levels, aligning teaching resources and techniques with cognitive and emotional development of students.